Buying the right gift for a car enthusiast can be a challenge if you aren’t into cars yourself. These ideas for gifts for car lovers will ensure you buy them something that’s useful and appreciated.

If you’re looking for something practical for the car lover in your life, there are plenty of useful accessories out there. A portable jump starter kit is a lot easier to use than jumper cables, and eliminates the need for a second car to have its engine running. Other suggestions include a good tool kit for the car, a portable pressure washer or a back seat car organizer that holds drinks, snacks, phone and more – ideal for the driver with kids in the back seat.

And some gifts for car lovers may not be essential, but are just downright ingenious. Examples include a portable coffee maker, allowing you to make a cup of coffee in your car and skip the line at the drive through, and a drop stop which fits into that gap between the seat and the center console and prevents items from falling into that gap. There are various seat warmers available, as well as heated blankets that plug into your car’s outlet.

If your car lover travels with pets, you can buy them a front seat barrier to a prevent a back seat dog from climbing into the front, a doggie water dish that fits in your car’s cup holder, and dog or cat themed car seat pillows or a dog or cat themed sunscreen for the windshield.

If you’re still stuck for ideas for gifts, gift certificates can solve the problem. A car lover will appreciate a certificate for car washes, detailing or window tinting. And it will cost you more, but a gift certificate for a NASCAR event or to drive an exotic car round the race track for a few minutes must surely be the ultimate car lover’s gift.