Surf & Turf Gourmet Dinner

Car Participants, Vendors & General Public are invited to The Surf & Turf Gourmet Dinner at the 27th Annual Classic at Pismo Beach.  The Surf & Turf Dinner will feature a large lobster, a prime cut steak, all the trimmings, dinner rolls and desert.  Along with your meal you receive access to our Hot Rod Bar & Grill Bar and a live band during dinner.

The Surf & Turf  Lobster & Steak Dinner was started in 2011 and was a huge success.  The food is great and the entertainment adds a great vibe to your meal.  Nothing like a surf & turf dinner near the beach with the ocean breeze coming across you as you enjoy a heavenly meal.

The Surf & Turf Dinner is available Friday or Saturday night in the Hot Rod Bar & Grill

Lobster and Steak Surf & Turf Dinner. Pick Friday or Saturday night and for only $34.95 + tax you will receive a dinner that would cost you double anywhere else. This event sold out as it is only available to 80 couples Friday and 80 couples Saturday night!  Make your reservations now and enjoy a great dinner event!